AWS Migration Services

  • Designing a unique road map

    Identifying business objectives and goals and aligning them with economics and TCO, security and compliance to design a best-practise based cloud strategy

  • Flexible cloud migration services

    Whether you move small workloads or the entire infrastructure to the cloud, CloudTern offers end-to-end migration assistance with precise configuration and 24/7 helpdesk support.

  • Training and Support

    Empower your staff with CloudTern training modules and knowledgebase to fully leverage the cloud power.

Cloud Application Deployment

We don’t simply leave you on the cloud. We help you better control cloud costs and optimize resources to make the most out of the cloud innovation.
  • Customized frameworks

    Customized software frameworks and tools to help you quickly build great applications that are highly scalable, reliable and optimize operational costs.

  • Accelerated development with Microservices and Containers

    Build and manage applications with microservices and containers for faster time to market, improved efficiencies and reduced maintenance.

  • Apache Kafka Distributed Messaging System

    Publish, subscribe and process streams of data efficiently in real-time with the insanely scalable and fault tolerant distributed messaging system, Apache Kafka on AWS.

Cloud Managed Services

  • We Manage your Cloud

    Now, you don’t have to worry about running your cloud. Focus on improving operational efficiencies and accelerating business growth while we take care of your cloud.

  • Simplified Cloud Management

    Right from automated application and database installations to monitoring the performance of services, CloudTern solutions simplify IT management.

  • Compliance and costs

    As you move workloads to the cloud, compliance and security becomes critical. With CloudTern real-time monitoring and analytics, get clear insights into resource usage for better compliance and security.

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