CloudTern is a leading provider of AWS-based Cloud solutions. The company is founded by a senior cloud architect and is headquartered in US. Backed by several years of rich experience in architecting world class cloud solutions and augmented by highly experienced and trained IT team, CloudTern provides end-to-end cloud computing solutions for enterprises moving to the AWS platform.

At CloudTern, we understand how important it is for businesses to choose the right tools for the right tasks at the right time. And, CloudTern takes pride in offering a proven cloud solution that helps businesses make a smooth transition to the AWS Cloud and build great applications at reduced costs while being able to easily manage the entire infrastructure.

CloudTern portfolio doesn’t end here. The company offers managed services to help businesses optimize cloud costs, get clear visibility into resource management and comply with regulations.


CloudTern takes its inspiration from Arctic Tern, an amazing bird that is famous for its long-distance migrations. Weighing only 100g, this tiny bird travels from Arctic breeding grounds to Antarctica and back again every year. A recent study with tracking devices revealed that a Tern bird travels 1.5 million miles in its life time which are equivalent to three round trips to Moon. Long-distances, convoluted routes and changing weather conditions don’t deter the mission of this bird. This amazing migration journey inspired us to name our company as CloudTern.

A unique roadmap for a smooth migration to the AWS platform without interrupting existing operations and services.
Extract more business value from existing legacy applications by quickly refactoring them to suit the new cloud platform.
Fully leverage AWS software frameworks and tools to quickly build highly scalable and reliable applications at reduced costs.
Decrease time to market, improve business efficiencies and better control the cloud infrastructure with CloudTern Managed Services.


The cloud computing revolution is transforming the IT landscape. CloudTern stands at the forefront of this transformation. Our mission is to simplify IT management in the cloud. We offer a comprehensive cloud strategy that delivers end-to-end cloud solutions, right from designing the cloud migration plan and moving the infrastructure in small increments to managing the infrastructure on the cloud platform. CloudTern has already helped several organizations make a smooth transition to the cloud.


With the advent of cloud computing technology, the IT segment is innovating at a rapid pace. While large enterprises have the required budgets and expertise staff to quickly embrace this technological change, SMBs and small enterprises are struggling to keep up with this pace. CoudTern’s Vision is to remove these technological barriers and bridge this gap so that every business, regardless of its size and nature, can easily move the infrastructure to the cloud, refactor the existing infrastructure and fully leverage cloud solutions.

CloudTern Core Values

CloudTern core values define the framework for realizing our vision in the best possible way. Here are things CloudTern value the most!

Employees First

At CloudTern, our employees are the biggest asset for the company. Mutual respect, teamwork and effective communication and integrity are some traits of our employees that transform our company into a happy and productive home.

Adept at Innovation

As a provider of cloud IT services, we understand how important it is to be adept at ever-innovating cloud technologies. As we proactively monitor technological innovation, we are always able to offer the best solution to customers.

Integrity and Trust

CloudTern believes in a values-based leadership. Right from the top management to the low-level staff, every employee at CloudTern values honesty, commitment to promises, respectful communication and integrity at all levels. Our partnership with customers is built on trust.

Work Hard and Play Hard

At CloudTern, we enjoy in everything we do. While we expect our employees to work hard, we encourage them to play hard too. We believe that this great work environment builds an amazing company in the coming years.

Products Matter not Profits

While profits and business growth is important, the driving force behind CloudTern is the passion to bring the cloud innovation to every organization, regardless of its size and nature. And, great products automatically bring great profits.

Giving back to the Community

As a corporate responsibility, CloudTern strives to impart a positive change in the community; locally and globally. While we partner with clients and customers, we ensure that the joint partnership has zero impact on the environment. Charity giving and volunteering in development activities is an integral part of CloudTern.

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